.....if I made the right decision leaving home at 16.  Not because classes are an issue (they're not), but because I'm afraid I'm going to change irrevocably in ways that I'd rather not.  I don't know how the next four years are going to go, but the beginning is.....  Interesting.  I've made friends, but I have yet to find someone who's really anything much like me.  Some are party girls, some study all the time, and some are always at the gym. Some of them have sailor's mouths, some are quiet, and some are opinionated.  I had lunch one day this week with a Korean girl, a Japanese girl, and an Indian girl.  I have a friend from Northern Ireland and a friend from North Carolina.  The diversity at this school is nothing to be sneezed at.

But I have to say that there is a degree of comfort in uniformity.  That's why we tend to form groups of people who are similar to ourselves.  In my sociology class, Dr. Wells is separating us into 'communes' for our group projects.  The point is to develop a society based on a common aspect, such that it excludes those who do not share the chosen similarity.  It can be as serious as religion, or as silly as a love of fried pickles.  It can be a single attribute, or a complex combination.  I can't wait to find out who's in my group and start hashing out ideas.  Our final project will be a demonstration to the class of how our commune works through a skit, a powerpoint, an interview, a series of posters, whatever we think is the most effective way of demonstrating what holds us together.  I'm rambling again, but I thought it was rather appropriate to the subject.

Anyway, my point was.....  I forgot what my point was.   Oh, right.  Was this the right thing to do?  Or will I graduate at 20 having ruined my life by going to college before I was ready?  Am I ready?  I actually don't see how it matters now.  I'm here, and--- OMG RAINBOW!!!!!!!  Huge, bright, colorful rainbow, right outside my dorm room window. and the sky's pink in places and purple in places and orange in places and it's fabulously beautiful.  I guess it's not so bad here after all......

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