Friday Night

So, I'm in college, right?  And college students are notorious for getting themselves in trouble on the weekends.  I have to say, I have never felt more forever alone than on a weekend at Mary Baldwin.  All of my friends are going home for the weekend.  Their boyfriends/girlfriends/families come to see them.  They go downtown in large groups and go to dinner and parties and movies together.  And here I am, sitting in the art studio, staring at a sheet of expensive paper and a selection of drawing materials as if they will somehow magically make beautiful things appear if I look long enough.  I have no life, but that's okay.
     I hate being burnt out like this on a project.  I love to draw, to create something two-dimensional that is as beautiful if not more so than the 3D object that inspired it.  There it is!  Inspired.  There's no inspiration right now.  Only a fear of failing, of not being good enough, of messing it all up and having to start over again.  That has to be it.  But why?  I know I can, I know I want to, but somehow I just can't.  And it's due Monday.  This is not good.  Will somebody please tell me what to do?  I need a studio buddy for moral support.....  Any volunteers?


  1. I wrote a comment in an attempt to be encouraging but have now spent the last couple hours trying to get the computer to vomit back up my eaten comment that I had not saved. After some sleep maybe I can try again:)

  2. Where is the like button on this thing? This made me laugh so hard....

  3. It is hard adjusting to an entirely new environment but you have the ability to do it. The same thing that serves you well in making friends makes it hard to watch others while you are in the process of gaining new friends. You are not alone in the fear of failing. It is common to most people. Some people that you think are not affected by it are actually driven by their irrational and desperate desire to elude it. Just make sure that you set the standard for your own success and don't let anyone else do it for you.