Wisdom and Anaesthesia

I had my wisdom teeth surgically removed yesterday.  All I remember is going to the room, having my blood pressure taken, and being given a shot.  The next think I knew, they were shaking me awake and it was all over.  I don't even remember walking out to the car.  The following is the result of me being completely unable to talk to my mother and grandmother on the way home.

I'm thinking fine, I just can't talk to you! And I have no comtrol over anything right now. My brain is fine, but nothing else works. I son'r knqo qhwere the rest of my teeth are. I don't remember anything beyond the shot in my arm. My head keeps wanting to fall backwards. But it's not any better. I'm so sorry. Ben asked if we could go out to lunch sometime this week. He and sabannah have permission to come up here at lunchtime whenever it's comvenient for me. That's what I told him. I like tha sound of that.Yeah. Now I guess I know why. I don't want to talk about last night just now. I'm sorry.I'm so glad for you. I”m h happy to have been a part of that dream.jjThank you. I'm glad I learned to touch type. Just how fat is my face? Because it feels like it's about twice it's normal size. This song will be hitting charts before long. It's not his mormal style, but it's good. My legs feel like noodles. My tounge is like cement.Default is the stupidest thing. I have to relax my shoulders, or they're going to be so sore. I can finally open my eyes. I CAN”T TALK!!!!!! Not particularly right now. My nose itches on the inside.Now I know why I don't remember the doctor. Seriously?!?!?! I really hope I didn't say anything embarrasing. Poor Grammy. It's torture for an actress not to be able to control her facial expressions. I can't move my face! Not at all. Why? I can't even nod. Poor me. I'll get it back before too long. Overachiever. I like both, but sweet tea will probably be better. Yes. She would cry if you died? That's good. Pretty place to crash. In case of emergency. That's tiny. And she probably paid a ridiculous abount for them too. How many of them are there? Those are the better ones. I never liked Little Debbie. Because it's a brand name! Everybody knows who she is. Little Debbie, I mean. Crazy yanks. Are they? Because of a certain parent who was worried about our health, I have never been a conneseuir of junk food. Not even then. THOSE ARE NASTY!!!!!!!!! I was about to say it must be a man thing, but.... My nose itches like crazy. I'm really hoping I don't inhale gauze. That's good to know. I don't like the sound of that. I wouldn't be able to find it. I am not capable of swallowing anything right now. It'll get lost somewhere. My mouth feels bigger than it's ever been. Tea. I'm really tired. That tea is really nasty. Either that or the pill. Probably. The tea is still nasty. It must have been the blood then. The left one hurts. On the bottom. Which is odd because I think that's where I was missing on already. Yeah. I'm woozy again. Okay. I think I can walk a little. I want my earbuds, though. I don't want to have to hold the ice in place. What're you reading? Ah... Can I have my cellphone? I'm sorry. I left in in here last week. The other thermos. I am in full control of all my mental capacities. I'm just tired. That's good to know. Now I do need that other cord. Thank you. I want you to hear this song. It's not his usual style, but it's good. This whole album is a deviation from his norm, and that's part of what makes it so good. I'll switch it back to the headphones whenever you want me to. I got some ice cream last night, but it's chunky. I don't like Jello, but pudding is okay. Yogurt is fine, and chocolate... I don't really care. I think so. I have like 6-7 nes notebooks, and I bought new pencils and pens. I got some little square post-its, and a bunch of paper clips. Most of the stuff on the list it would probably be better if we got once we were up there. They've both emailed me, and I answered them, but I haven't heard from them since. Not yet, but I'll do that this afternoon. She writes the ones about the amish communities, right? So what do you think of the music?

He personally is a christian, and he did put out a christian album, but most of his music is labelled electro-pop.

That came in my financial aid package. We need to cross out the one's we aren't getting and sign it and send it back. I brought it with me, and I have the rest of the package in my room if you want to look it over. MOVE Stupid. My brain isn't working well enough for this just yet.

What all's good for lunch in the Hazel Green area?

(Note:  I did leave in all of the spelling mistakes and typos.  At the very beginning, I was typing with my eyes closed.)