Due to my current status as traveler, I ate dinner in an Arby's outside of Louisville, KY. We'd been sitting there for a little while when an older couple sat down at a table near our booth. I didn't much notice them until a little girl, maybe about three, came and sat with them, just so that we could see each other. Then the girl's parents came, on on either side of her, and the adults all started talking. But I noticed that this girl was watching me. She was one of the most adorable preschoolers I'd ever seen: Goldilocks with elf ears, and an shy impish smile that flashed every so often. I smiled back, and she giggled. Then, she put her hand over her eyes, and took it away, as if to say "Peekaboo!" I did it right back, and she laughed. This went on for another ten minutes or so, with one of us leaning away so the other couldn't see, then snapping right back and grinning at each other. Then she got the idea to peek at me from under the table, so she twisted herself around until her head was under the tabletop, then waved at me and grinned. Her mom didn't much like that, though, so she had to stop. It was hard for me to leave there. But I did, and I will very likely never see that little girl again. But, I think maybe someday, if we're both in heaven (and it's hard for me to imagine that little girl anywhere else), we'll see each other, and she'll make a peekaboo motion over her eyes, and I'll cross my eyes and smile, and then we'll both laugh and laugh, until we can't stand up, and then we'll sit down and laugh some more.

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