Can I have my ball? Can you get my ball? I threw it into a tree...

I was playing with a frisbee the other day, just tossing it around, when I randomly threw it into the air, and it got stuck in a tree. No big surprise there; it's the ring kind. I looked around for a big stick to knock it down with or something, and there was a soccer ball. So I thought, "I'll just throw this soccer ball at it and knock it out." Which seemed like a good idea at the time. Little did I know...

After a few dud throws, I'd gotten the hang of it. So, I grabbed the ball with both hands, lifted it over my head, leaned back, and threw it as hard as I could at the frisbee. It went up, up, up, past the frisbee, until it finally started to fall again. Much to my astonishment, it hit a branch--and stuck. Wow. I must have stood there with my mouth open for about five minutes before I started looking for something else to throw. I spotted a basketball, grabbed it, and started throwing it at the tree. You should know, my aim isn't that good. It took me all of half an hour to get that stupid ball out of the tree. I even managed to get the frisbee, too.

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  1. P.S.

    I really wish I had pictures of it, but the camera chose that day to be AWOL. So sorry.