Sky sailing

Oh, Icarus. To be you, for a moment birdlike, soaring through the open air, free as could be. Perhaps that's what got you, in the end. That's how you ended up going too high, although in a technical sense, what happened to you isn't actually possible. What would actually have happened, had you been able to get airborne, is you would have gone too high and either run out of oxygen (the air gets thin, you know) and passed out, thus plummeting to your death, or you would have gotten hypothermia from the cold and died that way. You would never have drowned, anyway. If your wings did melt because you got too close to the sun, then you would have died the second you hit the water, because of the force of your impact, falling from such a height, you know. I feel like such a pessimist right now. If we could all forget our worries and go flying like that, even just once, we might all be willing to let some things go, like anger and frustration. All the anxieties and the tension and the bitterness would melt away at the sight of the beauty that we live in the middle of and never seem to see. God is so good. Let's try to experience flight with our feet on the ground, shall we?

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